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  • The web site of Ken MacKenzie Communications, a business to business marketing consultancy. We assist clients in developing a marketing program to promote their products and services.
  • Ken MacKenzie's marketing and public relations consulting services, based in Sydney Australia, specialises in business to business marketing, particularly small business marketing.
  • We research, write and place business to business marketing type media release and feature stories to gain publicity relating to issues, products or services.
  • Ken MacKenzie Communications can write, design and supervise production of your corporate profiles, sales and business to business marketing brochures, in-house and external newsletters and pamphlets.
  • We can write and produce corporate business to business marketing brochures, videos, speeches and arrange seminars and speaking engagements to complement your business marketing program.
  • We can assist your business and plan a sales incentive program that suits your particular needs. An incentive travel program can be the best incentive reward.
  • Ken MacKenzie Communications comes across many articles relating to organising a sales incentive program and, we like to bring these to your attention.
  • A sales incentive program is a proven way to assist in improving productivity, increasing sales and, at the same time, increasing profits.
  • There are no rules, which dictate the number of different groups of people who can be included in any one sales incentive program. Each additional group requires its own special treatment.
  • It's extremely important to measure and review your sales incentive program firstly as to the legality and secondly the method of measurement must be acceptable to participants.
  • The rewards to the sales incentive program participants, should be considered under two "value" criteria: The cost in dollars and the appeal of your rewards in the eyes of the potential winners.
  • With many years experience, Ken Mackenzie Communications can assist clients in arranging their participation in a trade show, or in an exhibitions, product launch or conference.
  • All you want to know about how to profitably participate in a trade show and how to conduct trade show promotion.
  • It's important to fully understand the exhibit medium. A company should spell out its objectives before making the decision to participate in a trade show and undertaking trade show promotion.
  • Reach your trade show goal. Look at the function of your exhibit. What is it trying to do? What are you trying to achieve through its use? Ten rules for designing a trade booth.
  • Ken MacKenzie can assist overseas companies with their international trade shows, particularly those who are seeking to expand their business and other links with Australia.
  • Before you exhibit in an overseas trade show consider these valuable tips. For the most part, they are applicable whether you enter exhibitions alone or in co-operation with a government body.
  • Actions to take during and after a trade show. Everything from arriving early, to keeping your booth staffed; to servicing your foreign customer.

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