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Business to Business Marketing

Print Publicity Campaigns

Ken MacKenzie Communications can identify opportunities for media coverage and assist clients develop contacts with the press, radio and television. We can research, write and place media releases and feature stories to publicise issues, products or services.


Work in this area continues to play an important part in day-to-day public relations. It's important to select the right media outlet, at the right time, and providing material in an accepted form. A shotgun approach to publicity is wasteful. In analysing the media that reach your present and potential customers, consider whether these customers are more inclined to read the newspapers (major dailies, local or regional), or read special interest publications (trade or consumer).  Determine the territory you need to cover. For instance, do you really need publicity all over the country ? No ? Then you can eliminate a mass distribution of media releases to statewide and regional news media. Carefully study specific publications to see what news is printed, and note what sort of news is printed; how many facts and how much detail is required for a story to get a reasonable amount of space.

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Each industry has its own 'bible'. This is the publication that everyone in the business must read to keep abreast of that particular industry.



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"As a result of Ken MacKenzie's efforts, NUS International obtained some excellent editorial coverage in the daily press as well as in various trade and business magazines. Mr. MacKenzie is a most diligent and hard working consultant who came to be considered one of our team."

Reuben F. Dobson
National Sales & Marketing Manager
NUS International Pty Ltd





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