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International Trade Shows

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In his previous capacity as Marketing Manager for the United States Department of Commerce in Sydney, Ken MacKenzie served as principal advisor to the United States Trade Centre Director on major U.S. trade event planning and promotion throughout the Australian and Pacific regions.

He was totally responsible for the organisation,
promotion and implementation of numerous U.S. Government sponsored trade exhibitions and other events covering many different industry groups.


Exhibiting and selling abroad take the same advance planning, market research, attention to detail and hard work that result in successful show-and-sell-events at home.














International Trade shows





“There is no better way to express the total success of the events organised by Mr. MacKenzie than to say he achieved the highest documented level of success of any Trade Show Manager in the U.S. Foreign Commercial Service."

Bert Engelhardt
Principal Commercial Officer
American Consulate General, Sydney










International Trade Show





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