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Articles on organising a Sales Incentive Program

The Internet provides a wonderful resource for anyone looking for information. We come across many articles relating to marketing and public relations and, in particular, incentive programs.

When we feel it is appropriate we like to republish these on the The Marketing Update web site.

Below is a complete list of articles relating to incentive programs that have currently been republished on this web site.

If you have an article or editorial that you feel would be appropriate please contact us.



  • The planning of an sales Incentive Program
    A sales incentive program is a proven way to assist in improving productivity, increasing sales and, at the same time, increasing profits.
  • How to motivate people - Sales Incentive Program
    There are no rules, which dictate the number of different groups of people who can be included in any one sales incentive program. Each additional group requires its own special treatment.
  • Measure & review your Sales Incentive Program
    It's extremely important to measure and review your sales incentive program firstly as to the legality and secondly the method of measurement must be acceptable to participants.
  • The Sales Incentive Program's Rewards
    The rewards to the sales incentive program participants, should be considered under two "value" criteria: The cost in dollars and the appeal of your rewards in the eyes of the potential winners.



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